Coming straight off tour into quarantine, I left one surreal world only to enter another. Attempts at creating original music have long eluded me. With unexpected time on my hands at the outset of quarantine, I found myself going into the studio, pushing record, and just letting things come out.

"Midfate" is a first effort. It was built on the first motif that came out of me (the opening loop). I never meant for this to become a finished piece. It began as an aimless walk which felt more like therapy than intention. When it started evolving into something, I wanted to preserve that feeling and the spontaneity with which ideas were being captured. So, a conscious decision was made to capture ideas in real time, leave them unpolished, and not dwell on things.

Part of its coming together became an attempt to create affected-sounding strings acoustically, without effects. Another was to sonically reflect the mood of the strange, surreal world in which we all found ourselves living. 

Elamon was born out of this uncovering.